Sunday, 20 February 2011


Hi there, would you like to read an unusual poem?

Here you go:

Undead Daydreams

I’m going to sit and wait
for the zombie apocalypse.

When the undead hordes
descend upon my house
I’ll come out swinging
with knives and bats,
guitars and flaming torches.

I’m going to leave behind
my ennui and self-indulgence.
It will be eclipsed
by my all consuming need to survive.

I won’t sleep for days,
kept awake by fear
and excitement.

I’ll sail to France
on a homemade raft,
then I’ll loot the Louvre
to decorate my safe-house,
only the best for my four walls.

I’ll forget about envy,
greed and sloth.
Instead I’ll get high
on joie de vivre
while decapitating
a cannibal corpse.

Say goodbye to deadlines
and monthly pay cheques!
I want chainsaws and carnage
and flaming undead.

But eventually, I suspect,
I’ll get bored of that too.
I’ll stay home depressed,
and read Camus,
or lie in bed crying
and thinking of you.

But it would have been fun
for a while.